Volume 2

[Introduction][] [Amy Brown][] and [Greg Wilson][]
1. [Scalable Web Architecture and Distributed Systems][] [Kate Matsudaira][]
2. [Firefox Release Engineering][] [Chris AtLee][],

[Lukas Blakk][], [John O'Duinn][], and

[Armen Zambrano Gasparnian][]

3. [FreeRTOS][] [Christopher Svec][]
4. [GDB][] [Stan Shebs][]
5. [The Glasgow Haskell Compiler][] [Simon Marlow][] and

[Simon Peyton-Jones][]

6. [Git][] [Susan Potter][]
7. [GPSD][] [Eric Raymond][]
8. [The Dynamic Language Runtime and the Iron Languages][] [Jeff Hardy][]
9. [ITK][] [Luis Ibanez][] and

[Brad King][]

10. [GNU Mailman][] [Barry Warsaw][]
11. [matplotlib][] [John Hunter][] and

[Michael Droettboom][]

12. [MediaWiki][] [Sumana Harihareswara][] and

[Guillaume Paumier][]

13. [Moodle][] [Tim Hunt][]
14. [nginx][] [Andrey Alexeev][]
15. [Open MPI][] [Jeff Squyres][]
16. [OSCAR][] [Jennifer Ruttan][]
17. [Processing.js][] [Mike Kamermans][]
18. [Puppet][] [Luke Kanies][]
19. [PyPy][] [Benjamin Peterson][]
20. [SQLAlchemy][] [Michael Bayer][]
21. [Twisted][] [Jessica McKellar][]
22. [Yesod][] [Michael Snoyman][]
23. [Yocto][] [Elizabeth Flanagan][]
24. [ZeroMQ][] [Martin Sústrik][]

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