Volume 1

[Introduction][] [Amy Brown][] and [Greg Wilson][]
1. [Asterisk][] [Russell Bryant][]
2. [Audacity][] [James Crook][]
3. [The Bourne-Again Shell][] [Chet Ramey][]
4. [Berkeley DB][] [Margo Seltzer][] and [Keith Bostic][]
5. [CMake][] [Bill Hoffman][] and [Kenneth Martin][]
6. [Eclipse][] [Kim Moir][]
7. [Graphite][] [Chris Davis][]
8. [The Hadoop Distributed File System][] [Robert Chansler][], [Hairong Kuang][], [Sanjay Radia][], [Konstantin Shvachko][], and [Suresh Srinivas][]
9. [Continuous Integration][] [C. Titus Brown][] and [Rosangela Canino-Koning][]
10. [Jitsi][] [Emil Ivov][]
11. [LLVM][] [Chris Lattner][]
12. [Mercurial][] [Dirkjan Ochtman][]
13. [The NoSQL Ecosystem][] [Adam Marcus][]
14. [Python Packaging][] [Tarek Ziadé][]
15. [Riak and Erlang/OTP][] [Francesco Cesarini][], [Andy Gross][], and [Justin Sheehy][]
16. [Selenium WebDriver][] [Simon Stewart][]
17. [Sendmail][] [Eric Allman][]
18. [SnowFlock][] [Roy Bryant][] and [Andrés Lagar-Cavilla][]
19. [SocialCalc][] [Audrey Tang][]
20. [Telepathy][] [Danielle Madeley][]
21. [Thousand Parsec][] [Alan Laudicina][] and [Aaron Mavrinac][]
22. [Violet][] [Cay Horstmann][]
23. [VisTrails][] [Juliana Freire][], [David Koop][], [Emanuele Santos][], [Carlos Scheidegger][], [Claudio Silva][], and [Huy T. Vo][]
24. [VTK][] [Berk Geveci][] and [Will Schroeder][]
25. [Battle For Wesnoth][] [Richard Shimooka][] and [David White][]

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