Early Access Release of "Contingent: A Fully Dynamic Build System" Chapter

Michael DiBernardo - Wed 04 May 2016 -

Today we've published the final chapter in our early access release for 500 Lines. The chapter was written by Brandon Rhodes and Daniel Rocco.

In this chapter, Brandon and Daniel explore the problem of dependency management in build systems. Throughout their exploration, we learn about how to use encapsulation, classes, and design patterns in a programming language with a strong set of builtin data structures and a rich standard library -- and, perhaps more importantly, when not to.

We'll write up another post next week about the release process and schedule for both the print and web versions of 500Lines. Thanks for reading along with us, and a special thank-you to everyone who opened issues and sent feedback on these chapters.

As usual, if you find errors you think are worth reporting, please open an issue on our GitHub tracker.


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