Early Access Release of "Event-Driven Web Framework" Chapter

Michael DiBernardo - Wed 27 April 2016 -

Today we've published the twenty-first (and second-last!) chapter in our early access release for 500 Lines. The chapter was written by Leo Zovic.

Throughout the course of this early access release, we've already seen a couple of different concurrency models -- a thread-based webserver, and a web crawler that uses coroutines. In this chapter, we apply another approach to concurrency by building an event-driven webserver in Common Lisp. We then extend this server into a full-featured web framework by leveraging the power of domain-specific languages.

Next week, we'll be releasing the final chapter in the early-access program. We'll be then doing a test print of the final draft, and the first print version will become available a couple of weeks after that. More on that to follow!

As usual, if you find errors you think are worth reporting, please open an issue on our GitHub tracker.


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