Early Access Release of Yoav Rubin's "Archaelogy-Inspired Database" Chapter

Michael DiBernardo - Tue 20 October 2015 -

Today we've published the seventh chapter in our early access release for 500 Lines. The chapter was written by Yoav Rubin.

Programmers often encounter some sort of persistent data store very early in our careers. There is nothing quite as opaque and mysterious as a full-featured database system, regardless of the underlying paradigm used for data organization.

In this chapter, Yoav shows how using immutability as a guiding principle allows us to build an astonishingly capable database system in fewer than 500 lines of Clojure. This includes a transaction system, a miniature declarative query language, and a host of other features.

As usual, if you find errors you think are worth reporting, please open an issue on our GitHub tracker.


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