Early Access Release of Audrey Tang's "Web Spreadsheet" Chapter

Michael DiBernardo - Tue 08 September 2015 -

Today we've published the second chapter in our early access release for 500 Lines. Audrey Tang has contributed chapters to two previous volumes of AOSA, and we're very happy to have her back for "500 Lines or Less."

When Audrey's chapter was first presented to readers, many protested at how dependent it was on external frameworks and libraries. This is only half of the truth; Instead of just leveraging these components, Audrey provides a miniature ontology for the kinds of patterns that web programmers can expect to use now and in the future. (For the curious, there is also a 99-line version that uses only DOM APIs.)

Most engineers spend a lot of time figuring out how to build software based on the work of others. We feel that reading about how an experienced engineer identifies the patterns in software she is reusing is a valuable lesson for us all.

This chapter was written way back in 2014 when Traceur was the leading ES6 compiler implementation. Audrey has informed us that she probably would have used Babel if she was writing this chapter now. If you are interested in updating the source and the chapter to reflect this, we're open to pull requests!

If you find errors you think are worth reporting, please open an issue on our GitHub tracker.

Audrey also helpfully translated her chapter into Traditional Chinese; you can find the source for this version here.


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