POSA Progress Update

Tony Arkles - Tue 25 September 2012 -

Well, it's been a busy two months since Tavish or I have posted anything on here. Things have been progressing nicely though! We've got 21 authors lined up, and have already gone through 13 proposed outlines. I'm extremely excited with the proposed chapters so far! We've got a great mixture of low-level nitty-gritty projects and higher level applications.

Here's a few more examples:

  • Ilya Grigorik is going to be discussing the insane number of hoops that the Chrome team has jumped through to improve Chrome's network performance
  • Clint Talbert and Joel Maher are going to be recounting the journey of improving Talos, the performance testing framework at Mozilla.
  • Michael Snoyman and Kazu Yamamoto are writing about Warp, their high-performance Haskell-based HTTP engine.

The first drafts of the chapters will (hopefully) start rolling in, and we should have a preliminary table of contents ready to go in the next month or so.

Thanks again to everyone who has responded! Reading through your outlines, I'm super excited about the book and the fantastic material that's going into it!



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