A Taste of The Performance of Open Source Applications

Tavish Armstrong - Sat 21 July 2012 -

A few weeks ago Greg posted about the next book we're doing: The Performance of Open Source Applications. Well, we don't have a book yet, but we've made some progress. Earlier this week we had our 15th "yes" from an author, which puts us close to the chapter counts of AOSA. We're excited about that and we hope you are too. Here are a couple of the chapters we're planning:

  • Jessica McKellar on Twisted again, getting into the details of asynchronous I/O.
  • Audrey Tang on profiling and optimizing Ethercalc, a Google Docs-esque spreadsheet application written in node.js.
  • Kyle Huey on Mozilla's Memshrink project, which aims to make Firefox faster and "slimmer".
  • Rosangela Canino-Koning and Eric McDonald on processing terabytes of data in the Khmer project, which is a "library and toolkit for doing k-mer-based dataset analysis and transformations".

Remember, if you want to see your favourite Open Source Application discussed in the new book, we're accepting contributions. If you're interested, please get in touch at posabook@gmail.com. If you don't want to write a chapter yourself, why not send someone our way?

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